Annual Indore Award for Best Medical Publication/Presentation, Last Date for Application - 05-10-2019

We are in the era of modern medical sciences where Artificial intelligence and knowledge based expert systems have taken place and range of automation widely spread. In diagnosis, surgeries, pathological tests are executed through automation and robotic equipments; Even IOT (Internet of things) has been introduced in this field and made the human life healthier and comfortable. It has penetration level in all streams of medical sciences.

This portal is confined with neurological issues with the patients, their appropriate solutions, relevant information collection worldwide and expression through blogs, articles, essays etc.

It also contains, motivational programs, campaigns for the community patients by their issues/ disease/disorder as epilepsy, brain stroke, Parkinson etc.

The ultimate aim of this portal is to make life comfortable of the patients, help to make them positive, proactive. confident, optimistic and meditational programs for them.

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Other Neurological Disorder

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